Ixodes Scapularis 15oz ceramic mug - campfire style mug in black

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This 15oz black ceramic "campfire" style mug features a pencil style drawing of a black-legged tick on one side and "TickReport.com" on the reverse.


The black-legged "deer" tick (Ixodes scapularis) can be found throughout much of the Eastern United States and Canada and is associated with a range of bacterial, protozoan, and viral pathogens that can cause at least seven diseases in humans. Browse pathogen surveillance results reported by the TickReport testing lab here.

A portion of every mug purchase directly supports the Lyme Disease Resource Center in Northampton, Massachusetts. LDRC is an all-volunteer community-based 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2013 to provide education and support to those living with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Interested in 4 or more mugs? Contact us at info@TickReport.com to discuss bulk pricing options.